We enter teams into the Western BOP leagues during the Summer months, Terms 4 (Oct - Dec) and 1 (Feb - Apr) in the U9, U11, U13, JHS (yrs 9-10, SHS (yrs 11-13), Senior Men and Women grades.

2022 Term 1 registrations close Friday 11th February

Registration details at the bottom of this page

League start dates:

27th February - 10th April  - Junior, Youth, Junior/Senior High School
21st February - 11th April - Futsal Premiership - Senior Men & Senior Boys HS (15+)

All players are invited to register, whether you have already arranged a team or want to join a team.

Please check the FAQ below. Any further questions, please contact our Futsal team futsal@tcafc.co.nz


Do you need a vaccine pass for Futsal?

Yes. Due to venue restrictions, all players, coaches and managers over the age of 12 years and three months will require a valid my vaccine pass.
There are also no spectators able to attend games, only coaches & managers*.

* As long as the Group size does not exceed 10 (including players). e.g. if you have a team of 9 players, only 1 coach or manager can attend.

Will you provide equipment?

We will provide playing shirts for players registered through the club. We will also provide a ball.

Socks and shorts can be purchased through our club store here.

We have a team, how do we stick together?

During the registration process, you can mention a team that you'd like to play in.

How many players per team?

We recommend 8 players per team, but if you'd like a bigger squad it's up to you.

What if I haven't played for Tauranga City AFC?

New players are welcome! If you follow the registration process below we'll sort out the rest.

How to Register

Existing TCAFC members

  1. Log onto your TCAFC account using the login box at the top of this page.
  2. Click Register Now.
  3. Choose which player(s) you're registering
  4. Select which programme (if it is missing, check that registrations are still open).
  5. Correct any missing information and follow the instructions on screen.

New members

  1. Select "Register" at the top of this page or click here.
  2. Select "Talent Programmes".
  3. Complete member details.
  4. Click "Proceed to Parents/Guardians" and follow the instructions on screen.

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