Links Ave Access Restrictions

29 Mar

Tēnā koutou katoa,

As you may have heard, there is a new Links Ave trial underway which will impact access to our clubrooms starting this week.
Details of the trial are on the TCC website: Links Ave Trial

We've been very vocal that this isn't convenient to our membership, and that the timing isn't great due to the Winter season about to start. Unfortunately, TCC’s director of transport Brendan Bisley is quoted in the SunLive article below that a meeting with the TCAFC "took place in late February and other opportunities to provide feedback were possible".
SunLive article

We'd like to clarify that a meeting was held, but after we heard about the decision. There was no effort by TCC to engage with us prior to this, even though we're a major user of the road and our contact details are easy to find.
We're very disappointed with this decision and feel there are better options which could be explored, that allow off-peak users like our members to access Links Avenue. However, it was too late for any suggestions.

What does this mean?
From yesterday, you will no longer be able to access the clubrooms from Concord Road (Bayfair end of Links Ave). See image below.

  • Thoroughfare is limited to emergency vehicles, buses, bikes, motorbikes, rubbish collection trucks, clearly marked taxis and delivery trucks.
  • Reduced speed on Links Avenue to 30km.
  • The trial will run for at least four months to test the impact on the wider roading network and observe commuting behaviour over time.
  • Infringement of the bus lanes that create the cul-de-sac will result in a fine of $150.

We will continue to object to this on behalf of our membership.

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