No more MyComet

20 Feb

Feedback from members was that MyComet is confusing and not user-friendly. We agree so this season we've invested in a new system for our club.

After considering a couple of options we decided on Friendly Manager (FM), a local company who we've been talking with for a while. After recent improvements, including integration with Comet, we felt the time was right.

Not only will FM be more user-friendly for members to register (e.g. want to register the family in one payment... sorted), it will also enable our club to have a better view of our membership and communicate with you. For example, no longer will we need to email the entire junior & youth membership if there's a 9th grade tournament coming up. We can target that group. FM will also enable our coaches and managers better access to teams and features to help manage them. As we go through our first season using FM in 2020 we will be letting people know of these features as we learn them.

This will mean that the first time you sign up, we will be asking you for your details again. However, once this is done we won't be asking any more.

As with any new system, we expect a bit of teething. Please be patient with our Administrators while they also learn how to navigate things.

Success Breeds Success